The fascinating leisure-time fun for Düsseldorf

3D Blacklight Minigolf like you’ve never seen before. Our Glowing Rooms transport you to a unique black-light indoor minigolf setting. The floor and walls of the entire course are covered with bright and colorful images. Our ChromaDepth glasses breathe life into the amazing settings Desert-Race, Space Harbour and Dark Empire with fantastic 3D effects. Our modern Minigolf Pro app adds to the fun. This innovative new leisure activity for families, sports fans, and fitness addicts is just waiting to be discovered in Düsseldorf-Flingern.


Do you want to experience blacklight minigolf, straight away? Have a look at our course to get ready to be impressed!

Game Concept


Please make sure you book your preferred date in good time. The Glowing Rooms can be very busy, especially on weekends.

Times & prices


Our Glowing Rooms are located here:

Kettwiger Straße 6
40233 Düsseldorf



A Look at Our Obstacle Course




3D Blacklight Minigolf is the perfect leisure-time activity – whatever your age, whatever the weather. The Glowing Rooms offer an extraordinary setting thanks to black light and 3-D effects through the ChromaDepth glasses. The walls and floors of each room have been decorated by well-known artists. Color and light allow the imagination to take flight. Desert-Race, Space Harbour and Dark Empire are adorned with bright and colorful figures and shapes. Your surroundings come to life and take you on a fantastic journey.


3D Blacklight Minigolf Düsseldorf

The cosmic ballet weaves its magic

Questions and Answers

How long does one round of minigolf take?

Depending on the number of players, a round of minigolf takes about 45 – 120 minutes.

How old do you have to be to play without adult company?

If you’re 16 or older you can come unaccompanied.

Can we take bags/backpacks into the venue?

No, but we have lockers where you can stow all of your things.

Can we bring our own drinks and/or food?

No, but cake and snacks are okay from Monday to Thursday.

Put and Post It Directly – by App!

Indoor minigolf in an extraordinary setting – and with state-of-the-art media. Notepads are a thing of the past: at the start of your round, each group of players receives an iPod with our practical Minigolf Pro app for noting down the game results and to be able to compare them with other players directly. You can then send them to anyone by e-mail, so that you can share your leisure-time activities with your friends, too!

Minigolf Pro-App


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