Game Concept

The Idea: Blacklight Minigolf at its best

3D Blacklight Minigolf is the perfect leisure-time activity – whatever your age, whatever the weather. The Glowing Rooms offer an extraordinary setting thanks to black light and 3D effects through the ChromaDepth glasses. The walls and floors of each room have been decorated by well-known artists. Color and light allow the imagination to take flight. Aquarium, New World, Spaceship and Cosmos are adorned with bright and colorful figures and shapes. Your surroundings come to life and take you on a fantastic journey.

Weather a family outing or an after-work treat – the Glowing Rooms offer recreational sports on a course that will fascinate you. A total of 18 holes spread over 400 qm are designed to give you a unique experience. Only 3 km from the cathredal, the Glowing Rooms are ideally located in the heart of Ehrenfeld. And, of course, we are right next to train and subway stations, and also offer plenty of on-site parking opportunities.

3D As A Unique Pleasure

The secret is in the prisms, a component known from optical physics. Different colors refract at different angles. The ChromaDepth glasses used in the Glowing Rooms contain a number of special transparent films that consist of microscopically tiny prisms. These deflect the light of different wavelengths to different parts of the eyeball. Because our brain assumes that light beams travel in straight lines, we perceive different image elements to be at different distances – the 3D effect.


Specialists for 3D Effects in Blacklight

Eugen Schramm

Eugen Schramm

“These days, I draw and paint almost around the clock. From early 2005, I became internationally established as a freelance artist and entrepreneur, and I have worked on prestigious jobs.”

Thomas Klukas

Thomas Klukas

“I’m a freelance artist and I take on commercial and private work. You’ll find much of the work I was commissioned to do in cities all over Germany! I’m focusing interior design.”

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